Activities of Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum are implemented through various programmes designed to meet target needs.  



GUS Gruppo Umana Solidarieta “G” Pu letti”, an Italian Agency with the Ministry of Interior and European Union is in partnership with Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum in the implementation of the Back to the future or assisted voluntary return programme for Nigerian migrants wishing to return back home with dignity.

The programme endeavors to provide working opportunities, better lease of life and achieve a social and economic reintegration of beneficiaries into the Nigeria social fabric.

Since launched in 2017 Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum has received and reintegrated large number of returnees providing them with entrepreneurship training initiatives, start-up funding, mentorship and ongoing institutional support. NEF has successfully reintegrated beneficiaries to the socio—economic fabrics of their various states of origin including Edo, Delta, Ondo, Kwara, Rivers among others.

The Back to the Future programme has made beneficiaries to see a future they never knew existed. Beneficiaries now pride themselves of business ownership in the fields of Fashion and Design, transportation, hospitality, merchandizing, beauty and cosmetics, Early Childhood Education among other enterprises.