The holidays are here again and everyone as usual seem to be in a frenzy. Everyone seem to be working more to get more monies to spend more during the holidays. For this reason, more businesses tend to generate over 40% of their annual revenue during this period as sales hike.

You can take advantage of this and prepare your business to benefit either directly or indirectly from the holiday splash. Below are four ways you can strategize your business to maximize the opportunities that come with the season:

Prepare for the Season: Everyone knows the holidays commences in earnest in December, hence you can properly plan for it at the beginning of the year. First find out if your products or services will be in more demand during this season. If yes, then you need to have started preparing for the season from the beginning of the year and commence execution by latest September. That way the season doesn’t take you or your customers by surprise.

Increase Your Marketing Before and During the Season: If you have properly planned for the season, then you need to start putting out your products and services as early as September. Make people anticipate your offers and assist people with their shopping. A lot of products and services can serve well during these seasons and if you think you don’t have anything to offer then perhaps you are not looking at your product the right way. Some key categories people identify for shopping in the holidays are: gifts, food, relaxation and fun. If you explore the benefits of your product or services, you’ll be amazed that it would serve your customers just fine. If you just realized this, then you might need to frame your marketing around awareness for your customers.

Take a Break and Give Your Staff a Break to Restrategize for the Next Year: Not all businesses are relevant during the holidays, no matter how much we try to frame it. If your business is one of such then see the holidays as an opportunity to give yourself and your staff a break after the long year. Rest is always a great way for recuperation and productivity. Allow them to take vacations, they might just visit places and see new ways to make the business more productive.

Have a Retreat with Your Staff: If neither you nor most of your staff are travelling, you can organize a retreat. This is one great way to bond over work without the pressure of work.

Finally, extend acts of charity to those in need and appreciation to old customers. Christmas is all about celebrating love and giving. Your business can reach out to others especially the less privileged and put a smile on their faces. Lets someone have a merry Christmas because of your business. You might not need to spend a lot to do this. If you have products that weren’t purchased in the cause of the year and you want to clear out, you can simply gift them out to people who will really need and appreciate them. Note, kindly do not give out bad or spoilt items, that would be unfair and detrimental to the image of your business.

We hope this season is a splendid one for you and your business. We from Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

By: Omore Orifa